Curses 2

James awoke in an office overlooking the city he calls home. He lay on top of a comfortable leather couch and shot up in his seat when he remembered how he got there. The strange man clad in all white sat crosseleg across the room. From behind his desk the man glared at James from behind thin spectacles and tapped his gloved finger on the desk. ” Well now that your awake lets get started” the man said abruptly startling James out of his confusion. “W-Wait where am I” James stammered. “Thats not important right now. What is important is that you are in possession of something that is very important to us”. James opened his mouth to respond, but the silenced him with a slight flick of his wrist. “You see James, you have come to own a very unfortunate disposition am I correct?” James silently nodded.  ” I’ll make this simple so you can follow along. You have been cursed by a witch, and being cursed that gives you a certain power against witches.” The man paused to allow James to take in what he had just said and continued. “A curse is a powerful tool against a witches enemies, but in a moment of rage a witch may cast a curse on someone who has no animosity against her. When a witch does this it imbues a power in her target as a sort of consolation. To make a long explanation short we want you to use your power to aid our efforts.” “And what kind of efforts is that?” James said quizzically. “That would be our quest to erradicate witches from the face of this earth.”


Curses, for whatever reason they are given, serve to hinder the lives of those they are placed upon. And as they are born out of hatred they can only be as strong as the distaste the caster feels for his victim. After a bad run in with a pent-up which, a short many with curly red hair finds himself in a very unfortunate situation. Sopping wet and looking at the pool of water James ponders how he came to his present situation. He looks at the coffee stain on his shirt and the overturned bowl of cereal on his counter and sighs. At this point James has learned to keep a mop at hand at all times and goes to clean up his newest mess. Three weeks prior James had run into a strangely dressed woman knocking her head over heels into the fountain she was leaning over. Ever since that day James has found himself covered in whatever liquid he comes into contact with. Luckily he is able to use straws to drink or else he would be dying of thirst. After returning the mop James crept downstairs so as to not draw attention to his rent hounding landlady. The absence of her shrill voice signalled that he was in the clear and kept a brisk pace down the street. Had James not been in a rush to get to work he would have noticed a stark lack of people on the street. Except for a single man in a white suit strutting confidently towards him. A moment later James found himself wondering when people starting greeting eachother by slamming them onto the pavement, followed by a loss of conciousness.

The Man

A man begins his journey up the mountain. The path bringing him slowly upward is steady and clear. He does not tire from the gentle incline, but the sun shines bright in his eyes causing him to shield them with his arm. Eventually small beads of sweat begin to form on the top of his brow. The man takes a small green hankerchief from his pocket to dry himself off. The man quite enjoys his walk up the mountain. He plans to return again in the future as it has a much nicer views and weather than those he has been to before. He able to make it up and down the mountain quite easily and stops to rest at the bottom. A gold coin cathses his eyes and he grabs the shiny change before leaving the mountain. The deaf man does not realize he had entered the Silent Mountain, but at least he found a coin.

The Old Man

A frail old man entered the mountain. His bald head shone in the daylight and his weak figure leaned on a short cane for support. The living relic scratched his head as he looked up at the mountain. He can’t remember why he came to the mountain in the first place, but he was sure it would come to him eventually. In fact the prehistoric creature could not recall how he got to the mountain in the first place. Reaching up he attempted to troke his beard before realizing he didn’t have one. The dinosur thought about walking up the mountain until he lost that as well. The confused geezer looked down and saw a patch of strawberries. The old man remembered that his wife had sent to him get groceries. He stroked his invisible beard and left the mountain to find his way home.

The Rabbit

A rabbit enters the mountain at approximatley 5:30 am. He hopped at a speed at 0.02 miles per hour and passed a field of helianthus. The rabbit took a break to refule his stamina and ponder the existence of the afterlife. After realizing the true meaning of life the small white mammal continued at an increased pace in order to reach the peak before nightfall. He calculated that at his current rate it would take 12 hours to reach the top of the mountain without any interuptions. Although he expected that somekind of interuption was expected from hearing legends of the mounatin. The rabbit did not know why he came because he already knew everything. He even knew the reason why soundwaves were not reching his ears. Exactly halfway up the mountain the rabbit stopped to eat some cyanococcus. Twelve hours into his journey the rabbit reached the top of the mountain and found a standing slab of reflective crystal. He stared into it for a few minutes before he left the mountain. The rabbit concluded that everyone did learn something in the mountain. He did not know that he was a rabbit

A Destined Battle

The rain fell hard on Cho’s uncovered head. Cho always enjoyed the rain. Even when marching towards countless enemies the soft falling of the rain calmed his nerves, but the silence of this rain gave him an uneasy feeling. The mountain was like a battlefield to an experience soldier. The silence meant that he had to rely on his other senses that much more, something that he was used to form his past. The deafening roar of an entire army makes your hearing all but useless in a fight anyway since it is impossible to distinguish one enemy over the rest. Upon reaching the top of the  mountain Cho could see a man sitting cross legged on the rock facing towards him. Approaching the stranger slowly Cho could see that his eyes were closed, and more importantly, that he was unarmed. A light breeze blew against the strangers revealing a strikingly athletic figure as they pushed against his body.  Cho knew there would be no way to alert the man other than touching him so he elected to wait for his eyes to open out of respect. “This will be a good oprotunity to focus my mind” thought Cho, “the constant silence takes a toll on the spirit.” Hours later as the sun hung low in the sky the man openned his eyes and stared motionless at Cho. The tension smother Cho and the air between them began to feel thick like smoke. The mans powerful aura pushed against Cho’s. Freezing him in place as if he were staring him into the eyes of a basalisk. And jusy as quickly as it had come it was gone. The mysterius man closed his eyes and Cho rose. He had never walked away from a fight, but he knew that this was one even he could not win. Cho had entered the mountain to learn how to become victorious in any battle. Looking into the sky Cho learned that just as the day must give way to the night a man must be able to walk away from any battle.

The Silent Mountain

There are many who climb the silent mountain for there own reasons. Be it a revelation or tragedy. Something brings all creatures beneath or above the son to the place where words no longer hold there meaning. Atop the mountain all beings are equal as there is nothing left to divide them. With their ability to talk goes their identity and only actions on the mountain decide who you are. Even the elements hold no power. How can lightning strike fear into the hearts of men when it is not followed by thunder, or a howling gale cause turmoil when it has no howl. All who leave the mountain will be changed forever, and all who enter will seek change.


I am going to make a creative writing blog. I haven’t decided what I am going to write about, but I’ll work on creating a story that continues each post or maybe a set of stories set in the same universe. If I can think of an interesting story that I like I will continue with it. Otherwise I will make a series of unrelated stories until I find my favorite.